Key Benefits

Help with your insurance claimmore
If, unfortunately, you need to make an insurance claim, use your My Goods Locker listing with photos of your items in support of any like for like replacement. Many insurance companies will now accept online claims directly from My Goods Locker.
Access records and listings from anywheremore
You can log in and update, add items and photos wherever you are. It is also invaluable if you have a total loss or are denied access to your property or computer.
Save important photos and documentsmore
Don’t run the risk of a hard drive failure on your PC or the loss or destruction of physical documents or keepsake photos. MGL operate a fair usage policy to store photos and documents relating to your properties, rooms, life styles and items.
Record the contents of up to 3 properties more
You can record the complete contents of up to 3 of your properties for one single fee.
Product recall search and alertsmore
Use this area to search for Recall Information about any of your listed items by manufacturer, model and serial number. On receipt of notifications from manufacturers, alerts are automatically returned to your My Recalls area. They are limited to the information provided to My Goods Locker by manufacturers and the level of information you record against applicable items.
Lost and stolen searchmore
If you are buying a second hand item with a unique serial number or ID, use My Goods Locker to see if it’s lost or stolen. My Goods Locker subscribers can identify items with a Lost or Stolen status to alert other subscribers within the My Goods Locker community. If an item is identified, the recorded owner will be notified of any enquiry the next time they log in.

Key Features

Security, protection and your informationmore
All My Goods Locker servers are UK based and protected by 128-Bit and 256-Bit Encryption. All our services use SSL Certificates provided by some of the largest providers, including DigiCert. We undertake regular tests to ensure our sites cannot be penetrated.No data is passed or shared with unauthorised 3rd parties We DO NOT capture or hold your payment card details and if you do not renew your annual subscription your account is suspended and all uploaded data destroyed.
Contents calculatormore
Don’t run the risk of being under insured. Use My Goods Locker to calculate the value of all your home contents…and don’t forget items can increase in value as well as decrease, so keep it up to date.
Complete listing options with photosmore
Create a complete list of all your belongings, with photos of each item, by property, room or location. With over 30 room and storage area options you can detail all your contents and belongings in a logical sequence. In addition to photos, the type of detail recorded against each item can include Description, Quantity, Serial No, Supplier, Value, Purchase Date, Weight and even a Beneficiary.
Comprehensive lists and reportsmore
View or download reports of all your listed items by property, room, status or beneficiary.
Inheritance allocationmore

With any item that you list you can add the name of any person you want to inherit it. You can also see a list of all your allocations by beneficiary.

Detail all your Property Contents
Over 30 room and storage types
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Are you under insured?
For advice read the Association of British Insurers guide to buildings and contents insurance

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